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Are compatible inks safe to use?

We're often asked if there are risks of using compatible (or non-branded) inks. 

The key benefit is that they are cheaper than branded product, from 20% right up to 80% cheaper. So how do they perform, and what should you look for? Here's our key points:

  • Using generic ink does not void your printer warranty
  • Generic inks usually complete the same (sometimes higher) volume of prints than their original counterparts.
  • Compatible inks we sell are safe to use.
  • Generic products at Image Nation Online are covered by warranty, and also cover your printer for the duration of its warranty if it is proven that the damage is caused by the product.
  • Failure rate on generics is marginally higher than on originals, with both being negligible (0.02% vs 0.05%)

In our experience, there is no additional harm or risk to your equipment (and wallet) if you choose to use compatible inks.

So, why doesn't EVERYONE use generic inks and save money?

Generic products offer print quality very similar to the originals. In most cases, home and office users are unable to detect a huge difference in quality.

However, for professionals, including graphic designers and photographers, for the best possible quality, we recommend branded (or original) cartridges. These products will produce a fine level of print at higher resolutions,

If you're printing homework, office papers, emails, drafts, or pretty much anything else for your own use, compatible inks should be fine to use.

Using branded products can reduce your risk and improve your print quality. However, if you want to save dollars, all of our compatible inks are below branded ink RRP’s and are quality tested, so you can print more for less.

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