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Loyalty Programme

Earn points for shopping with Image Nation Online

Our customer loyalty programme is back! No special registration is required to benefit, you are automatically in the programme as soon as you register on our web site or if you are an existing registered client.

How does it work and how can I get points?

  • You will receive 100 poins to start you off when you register
  • You automatically receive 2 points for every $1 spent on product purchases
  • Have a friend, a colleague or a family member you believe could benefit from our services or uses products we sell? Invite them to shop with us and if they register and pruchase, you receive will receive 200 points.
  • Do you like our serivce and/or products? Receive 10 points for each product review you write (pending review approval)

When do I get my points?

System automatically applies points to your points account when:

  • you place an order and finalise the payment
  • in case of a referral, once your referral places and finalises an order
  • in case of product reviews, as soon as your review is approved

How do I know how many points I have?

Your points total is displayed on the left hand side of the pages, just below the product category menu.

How do I use my points?

Just below your points total you simply enter the amount of points you wish to redeem, and click the Redeem button.


  1. Customer loyalty programme is available to all** registered users, on all orders placed after 15.05.2017. Participation is automatic and there is no need to register for the programme.
  2. Points are received for orders placed online only. Orders placed manually or via email do not qualify.

What isn't included in generating points?

  • Shipping costs are exempt from generating points
  • Points are calculated on order total, after any possible discounts, coupons, vouchers etc are deducted from order total (actual payment amount, not including shipping)
  • Some products on clearance may be exempt from gathering points, in which case it will be posted in Specials article

Returns, credits, faulty etc.

Points generated on purchase are removed from points account (to product value, dollar value or whole order) if:

  • order is cancelled
  • order is returned
  • order is for replacement of a faulty product

Are there other ways I can earn points?

We're glad you asked. Yes there are. You can earn points for referring others to purchase from us. Subscribing to our newsletter also earns you points.

What this programme is and what it isn't

Points rewarded by this programme are:

  1. for use only on Image Nation Online web store only
  2. for use only as means to earn a discount on subsequent orders
  3. not under any circumstance are points redeemable for cash, including credit on existing orders
  4. points are not transferrable to another user or another user account

*Program Abuse

This part mainly aims at referral part of the program but it applies to any form of abuse.

As an online supplier, we are attempted targets for all sorts of scams. If abuse is suspected, all points will be removed from account, user banned from accumulating them again and possibly from further access to site altogether. If a user has a lot of referrals, of whom none have actually ordered, it is a strong sign of gathering points by means of duplicate accounts, spam or breach of acceptable usage policy.

Please note: Image Nation Online reserves the right to:
  • alter or cancel any and/or all parts of Customer Loyalty Program at any given time without notice, including any accumulated points
  • exclude any user from the program including any accumulated points due to breach of acceptable usage policy or terms and conditions of this site
  • exclude any user from the program including any accumulated points due to inability to contact the user via email, be it obsolete email address, choosing not to be contactable, user spam filters, server issues etc.
** Program does not extend to users previously removed from the loyalty programme for any reason.
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