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Terms and Conditions


More than anything, terms and conditions are designed to inform you of important procedures as well as responsibilities you as a user, and us, Image Nation Online Pty Ltd have and agree to. We tried to make terms and conditions as short as possible, covering general guidelines, understanding most people (including ourselves) do not usually read them.

  1. From here on in the Terms and Conditions, Image Nation Online Pty Ltd will be referred to as "INO"
  2. All time frames and related references are in business working days or hours, not including weekends, public holidays, potential holiday closure of business for holiday purposes (which will be advertised), and/or closures or delays caused by natural phenomena
  3. All pricing related references are GST inclusive unless stated otherwise

All images, trademarks and logos remain the property of INO and/or their respective owners. Any errors and omissions are excepted. No part of, including information on this web site can be used for commercial purposes without written consent of the owner.


This section relates to product information, compatibility schedules, detailed descriptions, specifications and images.

As an online merchant, accuracy of the information provided is very important in order for us to provide you with the correct product, as well as enable you to chose the right product. While INO is extremely diligent in this task, errors and omissions are excepted. INO relies on source information provided by manufacturers, distributors, wholesalers and couriers and as such cannot be held accountable for errors resulting from incorrect information provided by any third party. It is user's responsibility to be aware of and confirm product suitability with INO or product manufacturer.


INO updates sell pricing at least once a month as agreed term. As all pricing is subject to change without prior notice from our suppliers, INO reserves the right to change sell pricing without notice regardless of time orders are placed. As a courtesy, we run reports every week at most to ensure minimal inconvenience to our clients in case of changes. Please be advised if you are coming to our site from external web site like a search engine, they require extra up to 24 hours to process changes on our site. All prices quoted are GST inclusive. Errors and omissions are excepted.

  1. Pricing received from search engines and/or marketing web sites
    INO updates pricing when changes occur, however we also list on a number of search engines. Search engines in general have their own schedules for updates, which can create a time difference between INO releasing an update and search engine processing the update. It is as a result possible to see a pricing which is different (be it lower or higher) than actual price. Pricing on www.image-nation.com.au is the price to go by.
  2. Pricing validity
    While this instance has never occurred, it is a possibility and needs to be covered. Late payments can potentially cause our buy price difference between time of order and time of payment. INO will if possible absorb minor changes, but reserves the right to request additional payment for differences caused by late payments, and refuse any order should such request be turned down. Increased possibility of this occurring is at turns of month when prices are more likely to change (ie. order is placed on 28th and no payment is made by 3rd of new month).


INO in order to enable clients to make payments for orders placed, will ensure a bank account is available for direct deposit purchases, as well as PayPal and Credit Card (VISA and MasterCard via PayPal). INO takes no responsibility for lack of availability of these facilities due to errors and/or issues relating to providers of these facilities, or issues with any persons' chosen payment method due to preexisting fraudulent activity, insufficient funds or other issues which will be declined as per providers discretion without any information pertaining to declined transaction being forwarded to INO.


Time limit INO will keep an order open for is 5 working days. If payment has not been received within 4 working days after the order has been made INO will either send an email requesting a course of action or cancel the order on the 5th day. If an email has been sent on the 4th day and no response has been received by 5th working day or payment for order placed has not been made, INO will cancel the order assuming party placing an order has had a change of mind regarding their purchase. This time limit may be reduced if order without payment coincides with price changes (or offer for new payment total could be made). Stock availability at the time of order does not guarantee availability when late payments are made.


All orders must be paid for in full prior to dispatch, unless a special arrangement has been made. All deliveries are conducted by courier companies and are not insured. Insurance may be available at extra cost (as per courier availability), please inquire with us before ordering. If recipient believes no one will be available to sign for a delivery, user must provide an alternative address (has to be next door or within a unit complex or building), or supply instructions for couriers where to leave the parcel (in which case, user automatically accepts responsibility for parcel and removes any liability from INO, distribution warehouse sending goods, and courier company performing the delivery).

Couriers charge redelivery fees (varying from 1x-3x initial delivery charge) in case they have to come back to redeliver, due to no one being available for signature when no authority has been given to leave the parcel, incorrect address being provided or parcel being rejected by user for any reason. In such cases, user is responsible for those charges and agrees to pay for redelivery charges before the parcel can be redelivered. If such a request is made and is rejected, parcel will be returned and paid order amount minus delivery and redelivery charge credited and order cancelled. Delivery charges will not be credited under any circumstance.

Following parcel dispatch, INO sends an email advising of a roughly expected ETA. This ETA is not a guarantee but a guideline, and does not remove recipient's responsibility to be available for signature, or advise of other options as mentioned in paragraphs above. It is always best to be on the safe side, and provide alternatives should you believe there is a possibility of no one being available to receive the goods.


  1. Delivery issues
    Following parcel being collected by couriers, dispatch confirmation is sent via email, ETA (estimated time of arrival) may also be included in this email. Time limit for reporting a missing parcel is 30 days from date of dispatch notice. INO offers no warranty, expressed or implied and no credits will be given if report is received outside of this time frame, no exceptions. In most cases, tracking details from couriers are available and can be accessed by request for period of 6 months from day of dispatch, we will be happy to assist (does not affect time limit for reporting an issue).
  2. Accounting issues
    Maximum time allowed for accounting corrections is 50 days from issuing Tax Invoice. INO offers no warranty, expressed or implied and no credits will be issued if report is received outside of this time frame, no exceptions.

Read more about reporting product related issues in Returns Policy


At times INO may have special offers in form of discount coupons, gift vouchers, free products or free freight. All mentioned offers have set conditions on 'per offer' basis outlined in 'Coupons' article accessible on site or an article dedicated to particular offer. Following are terms and conditions which apply to all offers, but may not be mentioned within the articles:

  • most coupons can be used by registered users only
  • all product purchase based coupons, unless otherwise stated, do not affect or include freight component
  • coupon code must be used during checkout for offer to be valid, no exceptions
  • are valid within certain time frame, or while stocks last, no exceptions
  • may or may not have a usage limit, either per user (x number of times per user) or per offer (ie. 'first in, first served' or 'first 10 only')
  • cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer or coupon, unless otherwise specified
  • orders cancelled or not paid for within validity time of the offer or terms of 'Making Payments' above, do not qualify
  • changing an order after it is placed in such a way to fall outside of set conditions, cancels all benefits of the offer
  • values included in offers are not redeemable for cash or credit in any way or form
  • terms of 'Dispatch and Delivery' apply to all offers, including free freight. Redelivery fees will be charged

Returning a product bought as part of a special offer; any return must first meet standard terms and conditions (this article) and returns policy (link at the bottom), in addition to following:

  • if return causes the order to fall outside of terms of the offer, any given discount value will be deducted from potential credit. Products or freight received for free as part of an offer, will in such case be charged at their full price and deducted from potential credit. If value to be deducted is higher than potential credit, additional payment will be required before request is approved
  • if product exchange is required, it can only be done so the conditions of given discount are still met, and within validity period of the offer in question

Other notes:

  • returning a faulty product for replacement falls within regular returns policy terms and does not affect given value. Regular product warranty applies, unless stated otherwise
  • if a faulty product to be returned is no longer available for replacement it will be credited, unless otherwise specified (ie. heavily discontinued run out product on 'final sale' basis)
  • if a free product was part of an external offer (ie. value redeemed via manufacturer promotion), please contact the manufacturer directly

INO reserves the right to cancel, extend or alter terms and conditions of any offer at any given time.


By accepting terms and conditions, you agree you are automatically subscribed to receive our newsletter. We keep this to a bare minimum, sending newsletter only 1-4 times per year and user is given an option to unsubscribe from further email upon receiving first newsletter.


  1. All orders are subject to acceptance policy, INO reserves the right to reject any order without giving a reason. Likely causes would be: potentially fraudulent, goes against Terms and Conditions of this web site or other unforeseen circumstances. Any rejected order for which payment has not been made will be cancelled without any notification. Any rejected order for which payment has been made will be credited with notification (in case of fraud, not before advice has been given by authorities, bank or payment processing provider). Any and all fraudulent activities will be reported to authorities and person/s responsible will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.
  2. As an online only business, INO communicates via email by default. All correspondence, dispatch advice, invoices and any other information are relayed via email (leaving a 'virtual paper trail' in case of any issues). Please ensure image-nation.com.au domain is allowed by your anti-virus, firewall or any other software with potential of restricting flow of correspondence, and keep the state of your inbox in mind (particularly if you receive reports of full inbox). Inability of our correspondence reaching you, our user, due to any of above mentioned possibilities does not remove any of your responsibilities stated in Terms and Conditions.
  3. No guarantees are given, expressed or implied regarding information presented on INO web site. It is user's responsibility to be aware of and confirm product suitability with INO or product manufacturer.
  4. For security reasons INO forbids any person/s listed on global spam lists any and all access to registration features of this web site.

By agreeing to these terms and conditions, you also agree to terms ans conditions set out in Returns Policy and in Customer Loyalty Program (if active). Terms and Conditions, Returns Policy and Customer Loyalty Program are subject to change without notice.

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